Decentralized non-fungible asset trading platform

Committed to becoming an efficient and convenient non-fungible asset trading platform
ntf box
ntf box

Finannel is a decentralized platform for the transaction of non-fungible assets.

Finannel is taken from Finance and Channel. We hope that the concept of non-fungible token will be understood and used by more people, and even spontaneously popularized to more people.
On the Finannel decentralized platform, you can find the non-fungible assets you want and trade with anyone in the world who sells these assets. Including digital art, collectibles, game assets, cards, domain names and other assets in the blockchain field.
In Finannel, you can see a new blockchain world and a new type of digital goods, NFT (non-fungible token) is Finannel’s core asset form. This unique asset has made the blockchain world a revolutionary expansion.

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